About Us

Aed Energy was founded in 2022 out of a deep common interest in transformational technologies in the energy sector, and is led by a team of professionals that brings together expertise in various aspects of thermal storage technology, research & development, power systems technology commercialisation, and operational management.

Our vision was clear from the outset: delivering an affordable, scalable, and highly deployable energy storage system that can accelerate the energy transition towards a new Emissions-Free era.

Our mission and values are rooted in driving sustainable practices, fostering innovation, and promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace. We aim to drive breakthrough innovation in thermal battery technology, significantly impacting the reduction of fossil fuel reliance and promoting sustainable energy practices.

Our team

Rayan Kassis – CEO

Rayan has spent the past two decades deploying power systems worldwide – with over 9GW in operation across various technologies including wind, solar photovoltaics, concentrated solar power, and hydro.

In addition to previous corporate roles at GE, Vestas Wind A/S, and eSolar Inc – Rayan is a long-time cleantech start-up veteran with extensive experience commercialising novel power technologies.

Oliver Weber, PhD - CTO

Oliver has a background in industrial R&D driving commercialisation of innovative, world-record efficiency tandem solar cell technology at Oxford PV Ltd. He has expertise in renewable energy technologies, materials sustainability, data science and technology transfer.

Oliver holds a PhD from the University of Bath, Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies and has co-authored 16 scientific papers spanning photovoltaics, electrochemistry and renewable fuels.

Michael Slack, PhD – Head of Systems Engineering

Mike is an accomplished scientist, engineer and executive with extensive experience cultivating novel technology concepts into mature commercial products and installed large scale projects – with over 20+ years developing advanced technologies and commercial large scale energy projects. Mike’s past work experience also includes deep-level research and development in varied fields, including abstract mathematics (algebra and algebraic topology), scientific computing, systems biology and pharmacology, concentrating solar power, automated vehicles, and data fusion and sensor optimization.

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