A clean energy technology start-up, Aed Energy, develop very low cost, high density, deployable energy – learn more about their carbon free mission now!

Our Core Technology

Aed Energy's innovative thermal storage systems are designed to optimise use of low-cost materials combined with our novel heat to power technology.

Our thermal battery technology presents dual advantages in power and heat dispatch, powering diverse applications ranging from grid-scale energy storage to combined solar and wind - as well as combined heat & power applications in district heating, cooling, food processing, and more.

Our solutions offer a significant reduction in CO2 emissions and cost savings over traditional fossil fuel and lithium-ion competitors.

Key features:



Our thermal storage system harnesses safe, non-toxic, and abundantly available materials. These materials provide exceptional longevity and reliability, ensuring long-life, efficient energy storage and management.



Our units are designed with modularity and transportability at their core - requiring minimal infrastructure, allowing for rapid deployment anywhere in the world.

This flexibility ensures that our solutions can be easily integrated into existing energy frameworks or used as standalone units in remote locations, supporting rapidly increasing global energy demand.


Power & Heat

Our thermal batteries are designed to meet diverse energy demands - providing not only power but also combined power and heat applications as needed.

This flexibility supports a wide range of projects, ranging from utility scale power to combined power & heat applications.


Flexible Durations

We offer unparalleled flexibility in duration, capable of delivering energy from a few hours to several days. Thanks to our modular design, we can scale up each project to meet extended energy demands.

Additionally, when not actively discharging, our thermal batteries can store energy for weeks with minimal losses. This capability allows us to provide continuous, adaptable power solutions.


Low cost

Our units have much low capital costs compared to other energy storage technologies, with the energy storage under $20 per kWh. Equally important, we have some of the lowest levelized costs of storage (LCOS) in the sector ranging between $40 and $80 per MWh over a project life cycle.