Innovate UK / FCDO Energy Catalyst visit to the Philippines

Aed Energy’s Oliver Weber has been engaging with leading renewable energy companies and organisations from the Philippines and the UK working on clean energy access on Innovate UK’s Energy Catalyst International brokerage. Energy Catalyst’s mission is to accelerate strategic partnerships, uncover insights and develop business models to improve lives in Africa and Asia by supporting the innovation…

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Innovate Energies Summit

Aed Energy’s Co-Founder & CEO Rayan Kassis spoke at this month’s Innovate Energies Summit in London, showcasing cleantech companies in the establishment, growth and development phase seeking partnerships & investment. Superb panel discussions and key Innovator Investment insights from Shell Ventures, Ørsted, SLB, Blue Pelican Capital, Carbon13’s Jonathan Cumming, Alyssa Gilbert of the Grantham Institute for Climate Change and…

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Carbon13 Pre-seed Funding

We are thrilled to announce that Aed Energy has received pre-seed investment from Carbon13. The opportunity to build our venture and continue the journey to Net Zero with this unique community of passionate leaders is essential. The “Aed” in Aed Energy is derived from a proto-Celtic root word for kindle, as in the spark that lights a…

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